Keratin Shot Maintenance Shampoo

Keratin Shot Maintenance Shampoo



Keratin Shot Maintenance Shampoo


Smoothing, anti-frizz treatment


Nourishes and strengthens hair and frees it from frizz

Keratin Shot Maintenance Shampoo is specifically formulated especially to prepare hair for the keratin straightening system and for post treatment maintenance. Before treatment: gets hair ready for the action of the straightening cream. After treatment it maintains the balance necessary to ensure the quality and duration of the keratin straightening effect.


Wet the hair with warm water. Apply about 0,18oz of Keratin Shot maintenance shampoo. Lather gently all over the head and scalp. Leave on for five minutes. Rinse. Repeat the application. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow up with an application of a Salerm Cosmetics mask.


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